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In order to attract more players, majority of the online casinos provide different types of side bets in the game of classic blackjack.  Apart from encouraging the players to participate, these side bets also allow the casinos to improve their winning edge.

These seemingly innocuous side bets allow the players to wager with a small amount in lieu of winning a large amount which is not available in normal bets.

It is of common knowledge that casinos have very little house edge for blackjack ranging between half to one percent.  This advantage for the players can be a loss maker for a casino if they follow sound basic blackjack game play.

In order to counter this and to improve their profitability, side bets were introduced into this game.

New additions of side bets are regularly introduced by the casinos in classic blackjack as well as in the other variants of  this casino card game.

In this article we will go through some of the common blackjack side bets.  It is of vital importance that a player should be aware of the fact that house edge of each side bet depends upon the payout of a particular game and may differ from casino to casino.



Popular Blackjack Side Bets on Blackjack

Super Seven Side Bet

For this side bet, 7 denomination card is the big player.  Super Seven comes with a payoff of 3 to 1.  This side bet comes with proposition wager of whether the first card dealt by the player is a 7.  Another variant of this side bet also gives a chance to the player to wager upon the fact that first two cards dealt by the dealer will be two 7s.  As the chances of this combination striking your end are quite minimal so the pay off provided by the casinos can go up to as high as that of 100 to 1.

Pair Play or PP

Pair play or simply called PP is a simple side bet which gives out payoff of 11 to 1.  In order to win this wager, a player is required to be dealt with two cards of same denomination or in the form of a pair.

Royal Match Side Bet

This side bet involves a small bonus in lieu of the first two cards received by the player on the condition of being suited or an “Easy Match”.  Even a bigger bonus is provided if first two cards received by the player are in the combination of a King and Queen to form a Royal Match.

Over /Under 13 Side Bet

This side bet calls upon the player to bet whether he or she will receive a hand which will be either over 13 or below it.  There is another third option involving an exact total of 13 in the received hand.  In Over/Under 13, aces come with the value of 1.

21+3 Side Bet

This side bet is based on the first two cards received by you and the face card on the dealer’s side.  If you are able to form a straight, a flush, a straight flush or three of a kind combination, this bet goes in your favor.    There is another variation added to this side bet known as “Sweet Sixteen”.  This bet involves receiving a score of 16 or more on the first two cards.

It is recommended that before opting for any of these side bets provided by the online casinos, players should go through the terms and conditions in order to ward off any potential loss.