Since the extensive coverage of poker tournaments by television sports channels, Texas Hold’em is now a quite popular version of poker.  Based on this game, other variant known as Ultimate Texas Hold’em poker was developed in the 90s by Roger Snow.  Today it is one of the most glamorized card games played in land based as well as online casinos. Ultimate Texas Hold’em brand is currently registered and owned by Bally Gaming Inc.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em vs. Classic Poker

Unlike classic poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a fast pace game and provides one on one competition against the dealer.  The game play still remains the same and is governed by simple set of rules.  The player of this game is allowed to make one raise at any time during the dealing of hand.  In contrast to other games of same category, raises made after ante are still viable even when the dealer has not open yet.

Each hand of the game is dealt by the dealer from standard deck of cards.  It not necessarily required that a player indulging in this game should have an understanding of how Hold’em is played.  On the other hand if you have basic knowledge of poker, then it can help you to better understand the rules as well as outcome of this game.

Game Play of Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Before the dealing of each hand, the player is required to make two equal sized bets.  One of these bets is called “Ante” and the other one “Blind”.   Once the betting is over, two face down cards are dealt for both the player and the dealer.  The player is provided with the option to check his hand or pass it to make the “Play” bet.  The size of this bet can be of three to four times to that of the “Ante”.  After the completion of this bet, rest of the cards gets dealt.  No more betting is allowed.

The second part involves dealing of three community cards by the dealer.  If the player had checked in the beginning of the game, then he or she is now allowed to make another “Play” bet.  The size of the bet during this round can be only double the size of the Ante.  Player is again allowed to check his hand.

In the last round, two community cards are dealt.  In case if the player has checked up till now, a decision is required from his side.  He or she can now make a play bet or fold.  The play bet allowed in this round must be of the same value as that of the Ante.

In the final round, player and the dealer reveal their hands.  Both of them compete to form the best five card hand by combining two of their hand cards and five community cards.  Standard poker hand ratings are used in this game with Royal Flush as the best and the High Card as the worst outcome.


Ultimate Texas Hold’em is one of the best adapted variant of poker.  This game allows the players to evaluate their hand throughout the due course of the game and make appropriate betting based on the strength of their cards.  Even though Ultimate Texas Hold’em comes with a reasonable house edge, but it still has a huge appeal for all types of players.