card pokerThe Three Card Porker game was first invented in England in 1994 by Derrek Webb who had a vision for a game that was challenging as well as exciting. It was originally called Casino Brag because it was inspired by a three card brag adopted to create a casino poker game.

Three card poker is played with a 52 card park on a special table where the cards and the bets are placed. There are two types of bets that are available in this game. There is Ante/Play, where one fights against the dealer in order to determine whose hand is highest. There is Pair Plus which has a different bonus payout for a pair of hand or better. The cards are automatically distributed to the dealer in groups of 3 by a shuffling machine. The play starts with the 1st person to the dealers left going clockwise.

How to play Three Card Poker

Once a player has placed a bet against the Ante, he must make his decision to play or fold after looking at his cards. If a player happens to fold, he forfeits the Ante wager. If he wishes to continue playing the game, he must make another bet on the table which is equivalent to Ante bet. Once the players have their decisions made, the dealer turns over his three cards. Here, the dealer must have a queen or a higher card in order for the game to continue.

If he does not produce a queen or a higher, all active members on the game will be paid evenly the Ante wager. The bets of the active players are also returned to them. However, once the dealer’s hand qualifies, then the player’s hands are compared to the dealer’s hands. Any player’s hand that beats the dealer’s hand, he will be paid for the Ante/ Play bets. All others lose both bets.

Three Card Poker Rankings

The hand rankings are mathematical probabilities of achieving certain hands. These hands are mostly ranked from highest to lowest as follows:

  • Straight Flush. These are 3 cards in a continuous sequence like 3-4-5 of hearts or spades.
  • Straight. These are 3 cards in a sequence of mixed cards
  • Three cards of a kind. These are 3 cards of equal ranks.
  • Pair. These are 2 cards of equal ranks.
  • High card. This is the highest card that a player’s has.


  • Anet Bonus. Once a player has a straight 3 of a kind and/or even a straight flush, a bonus is given whether the player beats the dealer or he does not.