Casinos offer a big variety of different card games, many of which are quite familiar to most people. Blackjack, Baccarat or Caribbean Poker are found in casinos across the globe and their rules are known by most experienced and amateur gamblers. On the other hand, there are games like Let It Ride that are not as common but can be a lot of fun to play if you happen to come across a casino that spreads them.

Let It Ride basic rules

cards-166440_1280This game is basically a simplified variation of Five Card Stud poker, played against the house. A hand begins with a player placing same bet amounts on three different betting fields (for example, if betting $6, every field must contain exactly $2). Once the bets are placed, two community cards are dealt face down on the table and the player receives three cards in his hand

The next part of the game is where the name actually originates from. Before the first community card is revealed, the player is given an option to withdraw one of his bets or “let it ride”. Once he makes up his mind, the first community card is uncovered and, once again, a player has an option to withdraw one of his bets (this is regardless of whether he withdrew a bet before the first card). The player can also refuse to withdraw the bet again and “let it ride”. After decisions have been made, the second community card is revealed and payouts are made.

Let It Ride payouts

Unlike most other card games in a casino, payouts in Let It Ride are fixed. You do not play against another hand that you need to beat. The amount you win is determined by the payout table that will be displayed at the table. In most casinos, a pair of 10s will be the minimum qualifying hand.
Although the odds may vary, the game usually pays 1:1 for one pair, 10s or better, 2:1 for two pair, 3:1 for trips, 5:1 for straight, 8:1 for flush, 11:1 for full house (boat), 50:1 for quads, 200:1 for straight flush and 1000:1 for royal flush.

Basic strategy for Let It Ride

Let It Ride is a casino game, which means the house has a mathematical edge. However, if you apply good strategies, you can significantly reduce this edge.
When deciding whether to withdraw a bet or not before the first community card is dealt, you should only “let it ride” if:1) You already have a made hand (pair of 10s or better)2) You have three to Royal Flush (for example, 10, Queen and King of hearts)3) You have three suited cards in a sequence (ex. 6, 7, 8 of spades)4) Three cards to a straight flush, with at least one card being 10 or better. (ex. 8, 9, J of clubs)
On the second draw, after the first community card is revealed, you should “let it ride” if:1) You have made a paying hand (10s or better)2) You have four cards of the same suit (four to a flush)3) Open-ended straight draw with no high cards (6,7,8,9)4) Gutshot straight draw with at least one high card (7, 8, 9, J)
Hopefully this advice will come handy if you find yourself playing Let It Ride for the very first time. It is a funny and relaxing game and if you adhere to the information listed here, it could also make you some extra money.