blackjack-1509566Blackjack is believed to be the most well-known casino game all over the world. Originally, it was called as twenty one which is a kind of game that was first referenced to Don Quixote writer Miguel Cervantes’s short story in 1601 in Spain. The classic blackjack is a very exciting and fun online casino game in which your main objective here is to achieve a higher point than the dealer but at the same time without going over 21, which also known as bust or busting.

The game of Classic Blackjack starts with a standard deck of 52 playing cards. The main goal is to attempt to achieve a Blackjack hand, which is the strongest hand in this game and cannot be defeated but can only be matched. Such a hand happens when the player’s cards includes a face card and an Ace.

Keep in mind that all face cards should be King’s, Queen’s and Jack’s that have a value of ten while the Aces should have a value of one or eleven. For all the number cards, they maintain their face value.

Out of all casino card games, blackjack is probably the easiest one and someone can learn the rules and play straight away.

How to Play Classic Blackjack

Below you can find some very basic instructions on how to play classic blackjack. IF you are looking for a more detailed blackjack guide or even for blackjack tips then you can check some of our other pages.

The dealer will hand every player with two cards, both of the cards are face up, and the players will hand themselves one face up card and one face down. The dealer will then take a look at their card that is faced down but will not show it to the players not unless he has a blackjack in hand.

Scoring a blackjack means the player a 10-point card in hand and an ace. Players should create their bets found on the cards that they have, and then they have the choice to “Stand” which means they can keep their card as is, or they can “Hit” where they will be handed by the dealer another card.

A player can ask the dealer to “Hit” them as numerous times as they wish. Once the player rests their hands, the dealer will start dealing to their hand. It is required for the dealer to hit the player until they have at least 17 points.

How do you win at #classic Blackjack

There are numerous ways to win at Blackjack.

First, the player can win by getting a blackjack and this means that the first two cards you have is a 21-point hand.

Another way to win is by scoring an overall value that is below 21 points but higher than the dealer’s total. Like for a example, you have an eight in hand and a face card, making it a total of 18, while the dealer has a seven and a face card, thus a total of 17. If both the dealer and player are tied, it is called a “push” and neither of the two is considered a winner.


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