With the rising demand of online poker sites as well as high number of players participating in poker tournaments, it seems that everyone is playing this game! There was a time when players used to cram around their kitchen tables playing poker with their friends on weekends. Now today everybody seems to have an online poker account to play their favorite variant of this game.

If we talk about the celebrities taking part in poker games then you can watch some of the professional ones slugging out with each other on ESPN.  Apart from a mixed crowd of students and cabbies sometimes these celebrities also feels the rush to try their luck in the casino pit and share their money with the mortal ones.  The list of such people includes famous movie stars, producers, sportsmen/sportswomen, comedian and writers.  Some of such demigods who like to take part in online as well land based poker games include the following.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck apart from being a famous actor and director is also known for his prowess at poker tables.  He won California State Poker Championship in 2004 with a $356,400 win.  Even after this triumph, Ben Affleck is still in good form as far as the poker tournaments are concerned.  This dimple chinned heartthrob also bought a $10000 buy in one of the major No Limit Hold’em tournament and accomplished what other players can only dream of.  He is a big roller when it comes to play Blackjack and it is well established fact that he once won more than $950,000 while playing this game.

Tobey Maguire

This star from famous “Spiderman” movie series is known as “Hannibal Lecter” by his peers from poker community.  Tobey Maguire is known for his smooth talk which can turn a gullible opponent from his or her good hand.  There was news going on in certain sections of media that he faced a $300,000 litigation related to a poker event which was part of underground home games played in Hollywood. He settled this lawsuit by paying $80, 000 to the estate of Bradley Ruderman.  The lawsuit was based on an allegation that he won more than $300, 000 from Ruderman in 2008.  This type of win certainly makes him a top ranking celebrity poker player.

Michael Phelps

This record shattering Olympic swimmer was in news just a couple of months ago when he bought a $10,000 buy in for a Tag Team No Limit Holdem Championship at WSOP.  Even though he is not a frequent poker player but he got the enthusiasm for this game.  This is quite evident from the fact that he not only participated in some of the major poker events but was also invited to be a part of powerhouse poker team comprising of two other notable poker enthusiasts Antonio Esfandiari and Brian Rast along with Phelp’s best friend Jeff Gross.  According to Phelps himself he is in love with poker and will like to improve his game in the coming days.

Jennifer Tilly

One of the most famous celebrity poker players is Jennifer Tilly.  She won a WSOP bracelet in 2005.  She is also in relationship with Phil Laak, a top notch poker player.  Though Jennifer Tilly declared her retirement from active participation in poker events in 2008, but she was back into the game in 2012.  Even with her dismal performances in movies like “Liar Liar” or “Deal” she is still a force to reckon with when it comes to face her on a poker table.  She is the only one who won WSOP bracelet, got nominated for Oscars and still a valuable asset for Family Guy series.