Blackjack is most probably one of the easiest card games which can be played by anyone.  There is a great chance that all of us might have played or learnt about this game at some part of our lives.  Popularity of this casino card games is so prevalent that even celebrities tend to participate in this game.  Some of them play this game for entertainment but there are a few who are quite notorious for their love for blackjack.

Such celebrities come from different spheres of life ranging from Hollywood stars to world leaders.

In this article we will go through some of the celebrity blackjack players who got a penchant for this game and can be regularly seen rubbing shoulders with the public at their favorite casinos.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry is considered as the bad boy of the royal family.  He is renowned for his antics that left his family red faced on several occasions.  Be it playing strip billiards or dressing up as Hitler in a costume party, he is known for his adventurous and don’t give a damn attitude.  Apart from being a ladies’ man, he is also known for his liking to participate in a game of blackjack from time to time.

In 2012 his antics at a Las Vegas casino led to head-to-head situation with his infuriated father.  At that time it was also rumored that he lost quite a good sum of money while playing blackjack at Wynn Casino at Las Vegas.  Judging by his card skills at that occasion we can only assume that he may have learnt his lessons so now he plays blackjack just for the sake of fun.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is a regular poker player and can be frequently seen participating in WSOP and other prestigious poker tournaments.  Apart for being a poker player, he is also a keen blackjack player.  Ben Affleck can be regularly seen visiting casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.  During his vacations he is accompanied by his best friend Matt Damon while playing blackjack at the casinos.  This duo at one time raked in more than one million dollars while playing blackjack at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Florida.

Paris Hilton

Being an heiress to one of the world’s biggest hotel brands, Paris Hilton is currently worth more than hundred million dollars.  Even then she does not mind winning comparatively smaller bundles of money at blackjack tables.  In 2014 after her gig as a DJ which paid her around hundred thousand dollars, she went straight away to a blackjack table at Harrah Resort & Casino and won fifty thousand dollars.   Even though this seems to be just a teardrop in the ocean of wealth which she currently owns but this certainly ensures that she is a force to be reckoned with when she is sitting at a blackjack table.

Michael Jordan

NBA hall of famer, Michael Jordan is a compulsive gambler and has lost millions of dollars while betting on golf courses and even in the poker games.  Apart from his addiction to sports betting, Michael Jordan also loves to play blackjack.  In 2015 he was seen playing blackjack with base ball legend Derek Jeter at Atlantis in the Bahamas.  This was not the first instance when Michael Jordan had been seen at a blackjack table.   In 1993 a huge controversy erupted when he used his rest time before a game between Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks to have a go at blackjack in Bally’s Grand Casino.  Not only he lost more than five thousand dollars while playing blackjack in private area of the casino, he was also heavily criticized by media for dereliction of his duty to the team.