play-593207__180The game starts out with you placing a wager against the dealer. The dealer then deals you a card, which is followed by them dealing themselves a Casino War used to be a card game for children, but because of its popularity, it advanced to being a well-known online game that is played by many gamblers who would like to win more money. This card game has a high house edge, but this does not stop the players from playing because the game gives them a chance to earn high profits during a good play.

If your card is higher you win and you double your bet. If the dealer’s card is higher you lose and you forfeit your bet. Simple enough right? The only trouble comes when you and the dealer are dealt the same card.

In the event that dealer shows the same card as you, you are given two choices. You can surrender half of your initial wager and forfeit your hand. The other option involves you doubling your initial wager and going to war with the dealer. If you decide to go to war the dealer will burn three cards and then deal you and them a card. If your card is higher than the dealers you win 1 to 1 on your original wager and you receive your war wager back. If the dealer’s card is higher you lose both your original wager and your war wager.

Many people cannot find the house edge in this scenario, but it is really very simple when you look at it again. The house edge comes during war. If you decide to surrender you give half of your original wager to the dealer. If you decide to go to war you have to risk twice as much as the dealer. Either way you are not in a good position. This is where the dealers edge comes from.

It house edge isn’t huge in casino war and the game is so simple a 5 year old could play it. I know a lot of people who have a ton of fun playing casino war both online and at the casinos. It can be a nice break from blackjack or some of the table poker games like casino hold’em because you really don’t have to think at all during war. You just gamble and hope for the best. Then you can either surrender or go to war. Most people go to war just for the fun of it. You might as well, it gives you the exact same return as surrendering.

Look at it this way. If you surrender twice you lose 0.5 twice, which equals 1. If you go to war twice you will on average win once 1 unit once and lose 2 units once, which equals losing 1, just like surrendering. You might as well have the extra fun and excitement of the war as long as you have the chips to spare. Casino war will be in every casino both online and live within a few years. It’s too straight forward of a game to keep out.