There can be no contradiction to the fact that Blackjack is the most popular game played at both online and land based casinos.  If Poker is considered to be the king of card games then Blackjack is the undisputed queen.  There are multiple Blackjack variants available on online as well as land based casinos.  These variants vary depending upon the rules followed by casinos based upon their location and services but the gist of the game still remains the same.  The most common Blackjack variants are

  • Pontoon Blackjack
  • Classic Blackjack
  • Blackjack Switch
  • Blackjack Surrender

In this article we will specifically discuss the Blackjack Surrender.

What is Blackjack Surrender?

Even though there are millions of blackjack enthusiasts but there are only a few who clearly understand the concept of Blackjack Surrender.  First of all this variant of blackjack is the same old classic blackjack game but with an extra option which allows a player to fold his or her hand thus only forfeiting half of the bet.  This blackjack variant is not available on all online casinos.  Even in land based casinos, it is always better to ask the dealer whether such option is provided or not.

In layman’s term this option means nothing but a surrender of your hand if you feel that it is not too strong to be a winner.  Instead of losing all your money, this option can help you to save half of your bet amount.  While opting for this option, one should keep in mind that surrender should only be opted if you feel that you are being dealt with really bad starting hands.

How to Opt for the Surrender?

In the land based casinos, surrender is only allowed as the first action after a hand is dealt.  If a player opts for hit, double or split then he or she is not granted with a surrender option.  The most common way to express your surrender is by showing both hands palm side towards the dealer or by conveying it verbally.

In majority of online casinos, such option is absent in regular blackjack game by default.  If you want to play with such an option then you should opt for Blackjack Surrender which is currently available on most of the reputed online casinos.

Types of Surrender

There are two types of surrender options available in Blackjack Surrender which include

  • Early Surrender
  • Late Surrender

Early Surrender

This type of surrender is quite rare to find in land based casinos.  This surrender is allowed before the dealer checks for the blackjack.  In the early surrender, the player forfeits half of the bet before the cards of the dealer are exposed.

Late Surrender

As the name suggests, this option can only be used after the dealer checks the cards and makes a confirmation that he or she has got a blackjack.  This type of surrender is most commonly used by the player as in early surrender the game gets forfeited without having a fighting chance.  On the other hand, under this option you only surrender when it is clear that you are going to lose the entire bet.