Majority of the people who like to gamble are quite fascinated by the stories regarding those people who had effectively managed to outsmart the blackjack dealers and walked away with pockets full of cash.  This can be the main reason why avid blackjack players are quite engrossed with the theory of card counting.

There are many methods used by card sharks to outsmart the casinos.  There are also many instances when people have successfully used these theories to turn the tide against the dealers.

These blackjack card counting methods help the player to not get caught while playing against the strongest adversary that is the casino itself.

What is Blackjack Card Counting

Blackjack card counting is a form of card reading done by the player during the card game.  This strategy is effectively used by players to predict whether the next hand dealt by the player will be in favor of the former or the dealer.

Usually, the card counting is done to decrease the house edge commanded by the casino.

The blackjack card counting involves profound concentration in the game by keeping a close watch on the cards dealt by the dealer to other players and himself.  By keeping track of the cards, a player can take into account the high and low valued card dealt in the game along with possibility of other cards which can be drawn in the next round.

The Attraction of Card Counting

For the players who have never used such methods in their life, the theories related to card counting can be quite fascinating.  These theories are projected as deep mysteries by their users to captivate the interest of other players.

  The other reason behind the attraction towards card counting can also be attributed to the fact that the players who use these methods seem to be more daring and suave then the ones who do not.

The stories about people who have circumnavigated the gambling system favoring the casinos and had made lot of money while doing so also turn on the desire inside us to do the same.  Even while learning about blackjack card counting, one must be aware of the following facts.

  • A player can acquire edge over the casino by using card counting.
  • A player can also suffer from losses while opting for card counting.
  • You must avoid being caught while reading cards in the game.
  • Card counting is not illegal, but most of the casinos frown upon such activities.

Pro and Cons Associated with Card Counting

All types of cheating which involve past posting, base dealing, using mirrors or computerized calculations are a big no-no in gambling.   On the other hand card reading or card counting can be classified as a part of strategy making during a game of blackjack.

The most important thing about card counting is that it is not illegal anywhere.  As it is not prohibited by law you can use this strategy to gain edge during a game but discretion is still required.

  Some of the pros and cons associated with blackjack card counting involve the following.

  • Card counting can provide 1.5 to 2 percent edge over the casino.
  • By using card counting a player can squeeze out 1.5 to 3 bets as wins in an hour.
  • Card counting can help in efficient bankroll management.
  • Card counters are abhorred by majority of casinos.
  • Card reader can be harassed by casino management.


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