Badugi Poker originated from the Korean peninsula and is one of the variants of poker.  It is quite similar to the lowball poker but does have some differences in the ranking of the cards.  The game play of Badugi poker involves creating a lowest ranking hand in order to win the pot.  The main difference between this game and the other variants is the disparity in  their hand ranking system.

The strongest hands in Badugi are the ones which have no pairs and comprise of four low cards from each suit.  The ranking of the cards is quite similar to the poker but aces have the lowest value in the deck.  While opting to play Badugi online, one should go through the rules and hand ranking of this game in order to avoid any surprises.

Game Play of Badugi Poker

This game is played by using forced bets.  These bets are called blinds.  The player sitting on the left side of the dealer puts in the small blind.  The small blind is half the amount of the big blind.  The person sitting next on the left side of the player with small blind then posts the big blind.

Once all the blinds are there, the dealer starts dealing the hand.  Four faced down cards are dealt to each player starting from the player sitting on the left side of the dealer.  When all the players have had their four cards, the first round of betting gets started.  Betting starts from the player sitting on the left side of the dealer.   All of the players are provided with the options of fold, call or raise their bets.

Draw in Badugi Poker

Once the betting is complete, the remaining players have an option of a draw.  The idea behind the draw is to discard any of the cards which are not required by the player and get their replacement from the dealer.  A player can discard all four of his cards if he wants to do so.  Once all the players have dealt with the replacement of their discarded cards, a second round of betting gets started.

In the second round of the betting, players are again provided with the options of bet or fold.  If there are no bets then cards can be checked.  If the bets are complete then another draw and betting round takes place.

Final Round and Showdown in Badugi Poker

After the completion of the final draw and betting round, showdown occurs if more than one player is still active in the game.  The player with the lowest best hand wins the pot.  If all the players have folded down their cards in the final betting round, leaving behind a single player, then the remaining player is declared as a winner.

The showdown of Badugi follows the following rules.

  • A winning hand comprises of the lowest one to four cards.
  • Value of the hand is evaluated from the highest to the lower card.
  • Aces are of the lowest denomination.
  • All cards in a winning hand must comprise of differ rent suits and ranks.
  • A four-card Badugi beats three-card and two-card Badugi.

So this is Badugi! You might be able to find it online but there are plenty of other poker games that you can play online with live dealers. Just grab a live casino bonus and enjoy a few rounds of live poker games.